Clek OOBR Booster Seat Review

Clek OOBR Booster Seat Review

The market presents a far-reaching selection of car seats. Although this is a good thing, it can also complicate the decision-making process for first-time parents. Not anymore, though; our buying guides and reviews could help you in this respect.

Clek is one of the most reliable car seat manufacturers. They focus on creating excellent products in the booster years, as well, which are just as significant.

Clek OOBR Booster Seat Leather

Today, we will discuss the Clek OOBR Booster seat. This review will include everything you should know before choosing this product: the good and the bad. Let’s get rolling!

About The Product

Booster car seats are meant to position seat belts on children correctly. In spite of that, based on statistics, 33 percent of the children in the United States aged between 4 to 7 years old don’t use an appropriate restraint system. What is more, 41 percent of parents misuse booster seats.

That being said, each parent should be properly informed regarding the necessity of getting a high-quality booster seat for when the child outgrows the baby seat. The Clek OOBR booster seat is an excellent choice as it encompasses a set of practical features, as follows:

  • Rigid, durable LATCH system that positions the booster in place for excellent seat stability in the event of a collision
  • State-of-the-art side impact protection safeguards the child in a side-impact collision
  • Durable construction featuring adjustable structural headrest, complete metal substructure and energy absorbing foam layers
  • The reclining seat back feature facilitates your child’s comfort during long drives so that he/she could sleep
  • Weight recommendation: 33 lbs. – 100 lbs.
  • It has been rated the Best-Bet by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for five consecutive years
  • Sleek leather fabric to suit your vehicle’s luxurious interior

The Results

The main element that sells this product is the rigid LATCH attachment system. In comparison with the majority of high-end booster seats in North America, this is much better.

The rigid LATCH configuration has been proven to be more stable in the case of side-impact collisions. This way, it maximizes the children’s safety in the event of deadly crashes.

My second favorite feature is the recline function. The OOBR enables you to recline your sleeping child in the high back booster mode. Still, you must have the lower LATCH anchors secured. Make sure you take into account the instructions presented in the manual.

Furthermore, the Clek OOBR booster seat has a magnesium frame. That deters the seat from flexing forward too much if a crash occurs.

Additionally, it presents EPP foam in the proximity of the child’s body and head. That decreases the strain and stress of the body during collisions while growing the protection level.

The OOBR is also quite tall, providing children head support, making the booster seat comfortable and safer.

Clek OOBR Booster Seat In Car

Installing this booster seat isn’t as challenging as with most products out there. That is thanks to its narrow width of 14 inches. In other words, you could aim at installing three OOBR booster seats in a row in the same car.

What Other People Say

In spite of the high price, most parents confess that the product is well worth the investment. In comparison with other boosters that aren’t equipped with a LATCH system, this one is secure. According to most customers, this is one of the main features that sell this product and make it one of the best.

Also, most parents appreciate the fact that children can take a nap thanks to the recline feature without minimizing their safety.

A parent said that he was impressed by how comfortable the booster seat was. The installation process is also time efficient.

Although the modern design is a nice feature to have, the safety element is what matters the most, as noted by the majority of the customers.

What We Like

An unmatched benefit is that you can use the OOBR booster for seven years. As you already know, car seats have an expiration date.

Another nice feature is that the back is removable for when your little one grows and needs to use a backless booster. That means you won’t have to get another booster seat. As for the adjustable headrest, it also slides down and up easily as your little one grows.

You can also install it by using the adult seatbelt, which is doubly convenient. And lastly, the deep side wings and the metal substructure offer maximum security.

What We Don’t Like

Overall, I like everything about this product. It is durable, well-made and most of all – safe. Still, a potential drawback could be the high price tag. Of course, you could also choose the black fabric color which is more on the affordable side, but it doesn’t have the same sleek design.

Another potential disadvantage could be that the booster seat is quite heavy. Even so, that’s something you could live with since the safety element is the most important.

Buying Advice

As I already said, this booster seat is quite expensive. Nevertheless, for under $600 you get a beautiful leather booster seat that you can use for seven years.

Clek OOBR Booster Seat


Of course, you could choose the same product manufactured with a different fabric if you want to keep the costs low. That is entirely up to you.

If you choose to get this booster seat from Amazon, you benefit from free shipping and returns, and other occasional offers. Clek provides a 1-year limited warranty when purchasing the product.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the Clek OOBR booster seat has a great list of features that make it a great investment. Obviously, the fact that it is one of the few booster seats on the market that is equipped with a LATCH system convinced most parents, I included.

At the end of the day, your child’s safety is in your own hands. That is why I recommend you to choose wisely and analyze a booster seat’s features before purchasing it.

In my opinion, the Clek OOBR booster seat is a top choice! Stay safe!

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